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What Does Weight Loss Medication Do?

What Does Weight Loss Medication Do

The idea of taking medication to lose weight has been around for decades, so there have been plenty of developments in this area. That makes it so there isn’t a single answer for questions of what weight loss medication does, other than that all of it is supposed to help you lose weight. Even so, this medication can be divided into several broad classes for easier understanding.

Semaglutide as Weight Loss Medication

This is THE weight loss medication of the decade. It is an injectable medicine originally meant to treat high blood sugar. Soon, it came out that people who used it lost weight even without trying. It quickly began to be prescribed specifically for weight loss, causing a surge in demand.

Semaglutide, sold under the brand name Wegovy among others, works by mimicking a biological chemical that signals satiation. It takes away the desire to eat, so users automatically consume fewer calories. Though it is typically prescribed along with a diet plan, key studies show that it works even without intentional dieting. This makes it very attractive to people who are looking to lose weight without the feeling of having to work at it.

Of course, like all effective drugs, Semaglutide has some downsides. The first is the cost, at a few hundred dollars per shot. There are also some reported side effects, mostly of an intestinal nature.

Other Appetite Suppressants

A variety of older appetite suppressants are still on the market. These range from basic bulk providers, meant to partially fill the stomach before meals, to stimulants. Bulk providers can be somewhat effective, but people tend to just force in their regular amount of food despite them, thereby negating their effectiveness.

Stimulants, on the other hand, are hard on the heart. Some have been recalled in prior years because of this. Others, like methamphetamine, are highly addictive and are no longer used for weight loss, mainly for this reason. These are also hard on the body and can also cause negative mental effects when used inappropriately.

Still, some manufacturers continue to make legal stimulants as weight loss medication, often promoting them as “herbal metabolism boosters” or using similar terms.

Placebo Weight Loss Medication

Not many weight loss pill manufacturers will admit that their main products are placebos, or inert pills, but there are many such pills that are exactly that or close to it. These can be spotted by their included diet plans, which require extreme calorie restriction in order to achieve the “extraordinary results” promised on the package. A little math will reveal that the amount of food called for by these plans would result in weight loss even without the pills. Purveyors of such pills also often state that any guarantee is void if the diet plan isn’t followed, meaning that the pills will not work without it. Typically, such pill packs are sold in drugstores and grocery stores without a prescription.

Is Semaglutide a Legitimate Weight Loss Medication?

Yes. Several studies have confirmed that Semaglutide is effective as weight loss medication. It is also available only by prescription, giving another layer of protection to consumers. Though doctors tend to give a diet plan along with the injections, this is likely more due to longstanding beliefs in the medical profession than anything else. The idea of actually losing weight without consciously dieting or exercising is too revolutionary for some. That said, consciously paying attention to your diet will help ensure that you get the proper nutrition to be healthy.

Why Lose Weight?

People don’t go to great lengths to lose weight just for the social benefits. A healthy weight reduces the risk of heart disease, reduces arthritis pain in the knees and hips, improves your energy, and can even improve your sleep. These benefits can kick in with losing as little as 5%-10% of your body weight. Using Semaglutide as weight loss medication to help can make this amount of weight loss seem effortless.

How Can I Get a Prescription for Weight Loss Medication?

If you don’t have diabetes, it can be hard to get a primary care provider to prescribe Semaglutide as weight loss medication. Instead, your best bet is a medical weight loss clinic like Arkansas Medical Weight Loss. These clinics specialize in using Semaglutide and similar proven drugs to free you from your excess pounds. They also know how to tell if you’re a good candidate for a specific treatment, so your chances for success are higher while your risks are reduced.

If you’re in the Fort Smith area, contact Arkansas Medical Weight Loss today and book an appointment. We'll be glad to determine whether Semaglutide is best for you.

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